• Six states (Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Nevada, New York and

Pennsylvania) likely spent the allocated tax money on RG/PG issues.

• Four states (Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri and Oklahoma) likely did not spend the allocated tax money on RG/PG issues.

• Four states (California, Iowa, Mississippi and Ohio) are unclear.

Studying In connection with the release of this study,

Alan Feldman, distinguished fellow, responsible gaming, at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas International.

The Responsible Gambling Collaborative has an important role to play as we chart a new course for responsible gaming, and the AGA is proud to be a part of it.

The research released provides important insight into the allocation of funding for essential programs.

 And what’s good for regional gaming and Las Vegas is good for the gaming REITs, a premise held by investors who have repeatedly pushed Gaming & Leisure Properties and VICI Properties to new highs.

Studying But gaming REITs clearly have caught investors’ eyes. As analyst Jordan Bender of Macquarie pointed out, the stocks of the three gaming REITs advanced 36 percent last year, beating the S&P 500’s banner 31 percent leap, and the All Equity REIT Index’s 29 percent rocket ride.

That bullishness has continued into this year.

As of this writing, Gaming & Leisure Properties is up 11.6 percent, VICI is up 6.7 percent and MGM Growth Properties has risen 8.2 percent.

The reasons for the gains have been discussed in this space before:

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