The Ds Have It

If anything has been sure to draw G2E attendees to IGT’s booth the past two years,

it has been the TRUE 3D series of slots.

First introduced by legacy GTECH in the game Sphinx 3D, the glasses-free 3-D technology provides the most realistic 3-D effect ever used for a slot machine.

The Ds Have It Games like Zuma 3D, Plants vs.

Zombies 3D and Return of the Sphinx 3D formed one of IGT’s fastest-growing game segments even as the company’s engineers were perfecting the follow-up series, the improved “4D” group.

The CrystalCurve TRUE 4D cabinet features a 50-inch curved portrait ultra-HD top display and 32-inch, landscape, ultra-HD lower display.

It includes a digital player panel with dual bash buttons and player-adjustable settings for sound, mid-air haptics,

chair rumble and intensity of the game’s TRUE 3D technology.

The first game in the new group, Sphinx 4D, features gesture control and mid-air haptic technology—you gesture or point,

and the game reacts— empowering the player to interact with a slot machine in ways never before tried.

As the 3-D bonus journey continues through the Sphinx, the player reaches out and, so to speak, touches the game.

Players reach out to drag orbs to the center of the CrystalCurve 4D monitor to trigger progressives, wilds, multipliers and free games.

There are Easter eggs like changing the monitor scene from day to night

by drawing a circle in the air, or drawing a heart to have it appear on the screen.

“There are lots of Easter eggs in these games,” comments Michael Brennan, IGT’s senior director of product lifecycle & market management.

“We want players to always find something they haven’t seen before when they play.”

The Ds Have It The second 4D title, to be launched at G2E, explores the technology further in Ghostbusters 4D.

Perhaps the best is the “Ballroom Buster Bonus,” which re-creates the memorable scene of the Ghostbusters’ first job,

Clearing a hotel ballroom of the vile “Slimer” ghost.

The player points to where he thinks Slimer is hiding, and aims the proton-pack stream to nab him or reveal credit awards.

The new TRUE 4D games don’t mean IGT has slowed development on the popular TRUE 3D series on the AXXIS 3D cabinet.

This year, the company expands that series with two new brands—one licensing a film and the other a classic, homegrown IGT brand.

In a natural pick for the technology, IGT is launching James Cameron’s Avatar 3D, a game that re-creates memorable scenes from.

That planet is meticulously re-created for the slot game, using actual 3- D footage from the film for cut scenes. Mountain banshees fly to the reels to add wild symbols.

One bonus offers the perspective of riding a banshee through the air into various Pandora locations.

For all the flash, Brennan stresses that IGT’s developers made sure a strong base game with proven math is at the core of the new Avatar game.

“These games satisfy the gambler’s instinct,” he says, noting that the freegame feature offers the player a choice of spin and multiplier combinations offering several levels of volatility.

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Author: ปราณี