The first big branded

The first big branded game on the new format is Motown

“The journey of VGT has been a journey of continuing to integrate into the Aristocrat family,

And one of the early ways we did that was by taking our RD&D staff that works on.

The games and the steppers, and moving them under Aristocrat oversight,” says Jay Sevigny, president of VGT.

“VGT has a lot of pride in the development of that, but really, that development continued under the oversight of Aristocrat developers.”

“That was one of the beautiful things about the VGT acquisition,” adds Wilson.

“We had complementary skill sets—at our core, we’re a Class III video company, and at VGT’s core, they’re a Class II stepper company.

The first big branded So when you bring those two together, with very complementary skill sets, underpinned by very common core values, I think it’s a been a merger of great success.”

Aristocrat is taking that success to new levels with the RELM XL premium cabinet,

Which takes the RELM platform and adds a 43-inch curved monitor above the reels, topped by a bonus wheel.

The latest branded game on the new format is Motown, a reel-spinner that features player-selectable music—a jukebox of sorts,

Allowing the player to select songs to accompany the reel-spinning, accompanied by a video of the song being performed on the top monitor.

And of course, the RELM series at Aristocrat complements the continuing success of VGT in the company’s Class II markets.

“We have an amazing lineup of Class II products,

Which is something that VGT and Aristocrat have been working on for quite a few years now, since the acquisition of VGT,” Wilson says.

Adds Sevigny, “For VGT, this reflects a commitment of about 45 games that are going be introduced to the market this year.

We’ve got about 70 different games on the floor (at G2E), and that’s record-setting for us,.

To be able to come to the market with that kind of an inventory, and the quality behind it.”

That includes porting Aristocrat’s winning strategy in gaming operations over to the Class II arena.

“The licensed category is still a big and important category for us, and a good example of that is PBR,” Sevigny says.

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