Sustainable growth through Innovation V ideo Bingo has been very good for Zitro.

However, this past year marks a dramatic change for Zitro, as it steps up into the highly competitive world of slot machines.

Company founder, Johnny Ortiz, has taken a one-stop-shop approach to this, having every aspect of each game created in house.

Bingo has been this dramatic Casino Life spoke with Zitro´s Sebastian Salat about his company´s dynamic recent past and its plans for the future.

Can you provide key details on each game package and why they are proving so popular with Casinos? Link King, Link Me and Link Shock are linked progressive banks that have shown extraordinary results all over the world.

Each of these three banks have exclusive features, like the mystery shock prize on Link Shock,

dramatic Casino the Americas Bingo has been or exciting strawberry-bite feature on Link Me, that make each one unique and a fantastic addition to any gaming layout.

In addition, they are all multigames, a particularity that all Bryke Video Slot games have in common,

the Americas and that has caused a tremendous success within the player community.

Thanks to its impeccable bank presentation including a panoramic sign with six LCD’s, this product category is a sure eye-catcher on any casino floor.

dramatic Casino How has 2019 been so for sales, to existing and new customers? In terms of sales and growth at Zitro we are living a sweet moment right now.

It is not that long ago when we decided to turn around the company and convert it from

the world leader in Video Bingo to a global gaming supplier that would compete with the fiercest competition in the industry.

Today, we can proudly state that not only do we have a very vast and deep product portfolio of both Video Bingo and Video Slots,

Johnny Ortiz but we have also the back-up of proven and outstanding performance all over the globe,

converting Zitro and its complete product portfolio in a Sure Bet, and into a brand that now is on the top of the list of the operators when they plan their purchases.

We are registering growth all over the world, in Europe, in the Americas, specifically South America and Mexico,

but also in North America where we started with some placements in Miami, in Asia, in Oceania… In other words, 2019 has started great and continues to be.

What has been the reaction from visitors to your booth at shows so far this year such as ICE London, FIJMA and FADJA?

Johnny Ortiz The reaction has been fabulous.

It still surprises us how fascinated customers are when they step on our booths.

For us, that we live and breathe Zitro every day, it has become kind of normal how we have grown in the last few years and in consequence how this growth has changed us for better.

For customers that only see us once in a while however, the change is impressive.

If you compare our booth at ICE in 2018 with 2019… no more words are needed.

We could not be more proud about what we have achieved so far, and are hugely excited about how the future is looking like.

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