Welcome to the culinary country of Sweden

Sweden – a country with red cottages, vast forests and far-reaching fells.

For many years, people have been travelling to Sweden to enjoy its beautiful nature,

the peace and quiet of the countryside, and the pulse of the city.

But since a few years back, Swedish food, too, tempts visitors to the cities and far beyond.

Reindeer cheese from the Swedish mountains, Kalix bleak roe from the Gulf of Bothnia, Welcome to the culinary

and Västerbotten cheese have all been known as delicacies in Sweden for a long time – and the word is spreading.

Five years ago, I launched a new vision for Sweden as the new culinary country.

I knew that we in Sweden could compete with the famous culinary nations such as Italy and France, Welcome to the culinary

and I am prepared to take on these old European food countries.

Here in Sweden, we have something unique – something that you cannot get anywhere else.

We have fantastic nature and long summer days when, in places, the sun never sets.

Sweden is a large, long country covering 1,500 kilometres from north to south and numerous climate regions,

from the Arctic Circle up north to fertile agricultural plains down south.

This makes us a country of great diversity, in terms of both flora and fauna, of course,

but also in regards to traditions in different parts of the country.

The long summer days and the cold climate give our produce a special, rich flavour,

which Swedish chefs have learnt to accentuate in their innovative culinary creations.

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Author: ปราณี